Innovative Tunnel Ovens for Cookies and Crackers
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Innovative Tunnel Ovens for Cookies and Crackers

At GEA Imaforni, we can configure systems that offer ideal baking conditions for all your cookie and cracker needs.
GEA Imaforni Tunnel ovens

GEA Imaforni Ovens

Our direct gas-fired (DGF), indirect cyclotherm (IC), indirect convection (CVI) and hybrid (HYB) ovens as well as electric ovens are available in widths of up to 78 inches (2000 mm) for cookies, crackers, biscuits and snacks. Modular construction means our ovens can be precisely configured for each heating zone. Zone length can be adjusted to meet any baking requirement. 

Built using the highest quality materials and components, each oven is designed using 3-D modeling and dynamic simulators and meets strict hygiene and safety standards. Every part of the design is optimized. And when this optimization is combined with high levels of automation, like automated extraction dampers, energy is saved and emissions are reduced.   

We recognize that you may want to test new recipes and processes before investing in commercial-scale equipment.  To this end, we offer a range of pilot ovens ideal for manufacturing smaller batches for trials. We look forward to working with you on your next cookie and cracker project. Contact us using the link on this page to learn more about our ovens or other bakery equipment lines.   

Download our GEA Imaforni Ovens brochure (below) for additional information.

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