Automation on farm, what are the benefits?
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Automation on farm, what are the benefits?

At GEA we talk to farmers every day and we’ve noticed the same questions come up time and time again around the benefits of robotic milking. So, we thought to provide the answers to help those who may be looking for this and trying to make a decision on whether its right for them. Get in touch with for even more clarity around the topic.

Can automation reduce labour costs?

Find out what a Scottish farm family had to say about how automation changed their lifestyle. Kirkton of Beath Farm is a dairy and arable enterprise, started in 1894 with 135 cows facing high labour cost challenges and balancing seasonal busy periods between the two businesses. In 2016, they started looking at robotic milking as a way forward to help deal with these issues. So they made the decision to invest and go from their 10 x 20 Westfalia SwingOver parlour to purchasing three GEA automated milking robots. Now they are milking on average 3.4 times a day and bactoscan averages 11 and cell count 165. Read the full story 


Can automation help prevent disease?

We do not always think about it, but when milking you run a risk of cross-contamination. You can eliminate this and at the same time reduce the cell count. Individual quarter milking eliminates cross quarter-contamination, resulting in a reduction in cell count. By dosing the dip from the head of the teat cup liner along the teat, the dip agent ends up optimally over the entire length of the teats. This gives you the highest return on the dip and prevents loss of the product that occurs with spray systems. In the DairyRobot R9500 milking robot from GEA, the entire process is even carried out in the cups: from pre-dipping, washing, milking and post-dipping to the backflush. This is also referred to as the 'In-liner everything principle'. This method can be applied to both milking parlours and robots. Find out more about GEA DairyRobot R9500 here


Can I make sure every milk quarter is checked automatically?

Healthy, contented cows are the foundation of your efficient and cost-effective dairy business. GEA’s M6850 somatic cell count sensor monitors each udder quarter individually throughout the entire milking process, providing you with key benefits for ultra-efficient animal management.

Can I automate other labour intensive activities on farm besides milking?

In addition to milking, feeding and manure are other areas where you can make automation work to your advantage. It is important that animals have easy access to a source of fresh drinking water, correct quantity of high quality feed and live in clean environment. All these factors are directly linked to animal heath and well-being, but ultimately a productive and highly efficient farm.

Automated Feeding 

Technology allow you to feed precisely to each cow’s needs avoiding under and overfeeding based on sound herd management and nutritional principles, customised to your farm situation. Suitable for multiple feed types and feed groups, frequent fresh feed maximises intake, feed conversion, milk production and animal health. Find out more information about Automated Feeding 

Manure Management

With herds getting bigger, farmers need bigger storage for longer periods or expensive transport to send manure away. Separating would reduce the space required while recovering of the fibre contained in manure to produce compost or bedding. Find out about nutrient recovery through Manure Separation 


Does automation equal efficiency?

Ed Newton started milking in his 500 cows in a new GEA EuroClass 800 20/40 SwingOver parlor. He decided to get the GEA ApolloMilkSystem, which dips, teats and back flushes the cluster automatically after every milking. Find out here how automation improved efficiency and led to lower costs

Can I spread the cost of a new robot over time?

The answer is yes, you can. With the newly available finance options, you can discuss with your local dealer what suits your requirement best. Until the end of June 2020, we have a special offer available for the GEA DairyRobot R9500.

Check out the download section for more details and speak to your local dealer for more information

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