Supporting our decanter centrifuge customers
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Supporting our decanter centrifuge customers

We are committed to providing long-term, cost-effective and ecologically viable solutions that help our customers both comply with regulations and increase their output

Why work with us?

At GEA we believe in supporting our decanter centrifuge customers and providing on-site sample testing and process optimisation for maximum machine performance. Through calculating total solids throughput, we ensure cost effective machine specification and through suspended solids testing we can evaluate the mass balance and potential volume reduction with associated financial savings. Analysing nutrient separation allows farmers to easily calculate and manage land application rates. 

On-site testing can ensure long-term viability, stability and overall efficiency of the process. Defining decanter performance and calculating separation efficiency is invaluable to our customers in all markets. We have customers across the UK in all industrial, municipal and agricultural dewatering processes, each have found their own value in these trials and valuable insights.

The local GEA United Kingdom team is available to support you and look at the benefits of applying efficient separation to your process. 

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