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As a craft brewer, you want the freedom to turn your passion and creativity into beers that stand out and delight your customers. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of brewing solutions: from modular brewhouses to intelligent centrifuge skids (with a leasing option). Discover how the ‘Plug & Win’ centrifuge worked for Gipsy Hill, a London-based craft brewery. They had already gone through challenges in their operations and setup, but when it came to quality, it never took a back seat.

Centrifuge skids for craft brewers

When we talk to craft brewers about centrifugation, three things always come up: quality, consistency and flexibility - GEA’s ‘Plug & Win’ centrifuge skid is the perfect match for those needs. The 'Plug & Win' centrifuge skid for craft brewers is all-in-one-solution comes in four versions to suit every brewery size. Ideal for small to mid-sized breweries with great visions. Let your machine pay for itself and preserve capital. Take advantage of getting the equipment, service and financing all in one easy package. 

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Modular Craft Brewhouses

From single-step infusion ale recipes to sophisticated multi-step decoction mashing regimes, GEA provides the right technologies and equipment so you can make your beer exactly your way. Our versatile systems can be found everywhere, producing bold Trappist Ales in Belgium, award-winning India Pale Ales in North America, authentic Wheat Beers in Germany, Irish Stouts, Czech Pilsener, Baltic Porters, and many more.

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Low or No Alcohol beer without losing flavour

As demand for de-alc beer continues to grow many brewers are looking into re-developing their unique creations. Some still believe that low alcohol beer doesn't carry the same flavour that customers are used to and may damage the carefully built brand. There are others who have trusted into technology and came to reap the rewards both in sales and recognition. See the story of UK brewery Adnams and their signature Ghost Ship Citrus Pale Ale which was launched as 0.5% abv and won gold at the World Beer Awards in 2019. As a long-term GEA customer, they allowed us to be part of their journey and explained why they weren't afraid to experiment together with us and their new de-alcoholisation unit GEA Aroma Plus. 

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