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Customer Information | COVID-19

Engineering for a better world - information regarding coronavirus

Dear Customers,

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is an event of unprecedented magnitude with international impact. We support the necessary measures taken by UK government, because they all serve one purpose: to slow down the spread of the coronavirus assist our healthcare system, so that it can continue to save lives. We must all work together to ensure that this can be achieved.

At GEA, we are aware of our responsibility for the safety and health of our customers and employees. We have taken appropriate precautions at a very early stage. In addition to increased hygiene measures and access restrictions for external staff and other visitors, we have kept our employees' travel activities to a minimum. Travel (if allowed by authorities) is limited to urgently needed customer projects and on-site customer support and is coordinated with you, the customer, in advance. Opportunities have been created for employees who are fully capable of working from home to do so until further notice. Our production facilities in Warminster and Eastleigh remain fully operational and all our other offices’ emergency numbers are still all available to you.

Due to the highly dynamic situation, GEA’s internal crisis teams work closely together at both international and national levels. Every day we reassess where we stand with regard to health and the possibilities when it comes to our employees and the delivery and implementation of products and services.

As one of the largest technology providers for the food processing industry and a wide range of other critical infrastructure sectors, we pay particular attention to securing delivery to you - our customers. We are committed to not only fulfilling pending orders and projects on time, but also maintaining our supply of spare parts and services, whether new machines or maintenance services for existing installations. If problems arise in individual cases, we will work with you to find solutions. GEA Global supply chain is being monitored on a continual basis so that critical spares continue to be available.

Your GEA contacts will of course remain available to you during this situation and they will do their utmost to support you during this difficult and strange time.

We thank you and our partners worldwide for working together in this difficult time.


GEA Management Team

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