iTP205 Keçi & Koyun Süt Sağım Pençesi

The Goat & Sheep cluster is a lightweight cluster specifically developed to enable easy cluster placement onto goats and sheep.

Key Features

  • Easy to inspect for cleaning
  • Valves open / close automatically
  • Shut off in a kick off event
  • Lightweight – 590gms a complete set

It incorporates a unique shut off valve which automatically controls the vacuum supply to each liner during milking; as soon as the teat enters the liner the valve automatically opens. When the teat is removed at the end of milking rapid air intake creates a vacuum in the valve which automatically closes it. During washing there is a small lever which must be pushed down to prevent the valve from closing due to water turbulence. 

Milfos also recommend a snap clamp is used to enable a complete vacuum shutoff during machine start up. The cluster is made of tough impact resistant plastics and has a silicone liner which is easily replaceable.

Küresel Sayfa Bilgileri

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