GEA has received two orders worth nearly EUR 4 million for vacuum systems for a new “grassroot” refinery in Oman.

The larger order is for a 3-stage steam ejector vacuum system with performance partition for a vacuum distillation unit (VDU) with a suction flow of 18050 kg/h at 13,3 mbar a. The consumption of steam and cooling water is 46 t/h and 4200 m³/h, respectively. Operating costs for cooling water are very expensive in Oman. Consequently, the cooling water consumption played a decisive role in the awarding of the contract. Based on our new software "NIXE" for the calculation of surface heat exchangers, significant savings could be calculated on the heat exchanger surface to be installed compared to other competitors.

The second order is for a 2-stage steam ejector vacuum system with pre-condenser for a diesel vacuum drier system (HCU) with a suction flow of 350 kg/h at 126.6 mbar a. This plant is delivered as pre-assembled skid-mounted unit including piping and instruments.

The new refinery is the key project of a new industrial and economic center in Oman

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