GEA engineers are committed to pushing the limits and even exceeding them with intelligent solutions and customer benefits. The latest example of one of these successful product developments is the new GEA marine separator. GEA presented the machine at SMM, the leading international trade fair for the maritime industry in Hamburg.

For a future-proof separation technology it was necessary to completely rethink marine separators and to set new standards with regard to ease of maintenance, personnel deployment, energy efficiency, operating costs and environmental protection - for example through the use of low-sulphur oil. The result is a revolutionary solution with integrated direct drive, an extremely simple service concept, compact design, more capacity per square meter of floor space and intelligent connectivity.

New GEA marine separator for more efficiency on board

The new GEA Separator for maritime applications drastically changes the working day on board. After a service interval of 16,000 operating hours, the "Modular exchange drive unit" is replaced. Unplanned maintenance is almost impossible with the new GEA marine Separator. The maintenance effort on board is reduced by up to 90% with simultaneous lower maintenance costs and maximum machine availability. GEA customers receive an OEM-certified, replaceable drive module delivered to a location of their choice worldwide - "Same Day Delivery" is possible.

With an efficiency level of more than 96% and a savings potential of up to 30,000 kWh per year, the integrated direct drive is the heart of GEA's new separator series. The direct drive with its synchronous motor requires no belt and no coupling. For the first time, spindle and motor are available as "Modular exchange drive units". This simplifies installation and maintenance of the machine immensely, the separator is accessible from all sides. The space requirement on board is reduced by 50 percent.

Based on the CWE 15375 standard, the new GEA marine Separator offers full transparency and the best certified flow rates (CFR). It is also precisely tailored to the requirements of the main engine on board the customer. 

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