The British Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Magazine (RAC) has awarded GEA with this year's RAC Cooling Industry Awards in the category "Building Energy Project". The globally renowned award honors companies that are particularly committed to environmentally friendly and innovative solutions in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

The award was presented to GEA at a ceremony held at the end of September at the London Hilton Hotel, attended by over 600 high-ranking representatives of the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. In total, there were awards in 19 categories covering the entire field of refrigeration and air conditioning - from projects in and for the retail trade to cold chain innovations and projects.

The jury chose GEA as the winner of the grand prize because the project presented by GEA is a prime example of innovation and significant energy savings. The evaluation committee was convinced by the conversion of an ammonia-based refrigeration plant to heat a large quantity of cleaning water from the customer Moy Park. Moy Park is the largest poultry meat producer in Northern Ireland and also produces poultry in England and one of the 15 largest food companies in the UK. 

Using a 1.5 MW booster compressor as a booster heat pump, which recompresses the exhaust gases, the GEA solution made it possible to heat the water to 67 degrees Celsius. The figures speak for themselves. Moy Park was able to completely shut down two boilers and reduce the gas consumption of the other two. Electricity consumption increased only slightly. 

"This project was based on an analysis of Moy Park's equipment and environmental requirements study. GEA delivered a perfectly worked out solution that exceeded the customer's expectations. The old, existing system was retained, but modified with the GEA solution. This is how these results, measurable in terms of evaluation figures, came about," praised a member of the jury of the RAC Cooling Industry Awards.

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