Noumed Life Sciences, an integrated generics pharmaceutical company that offers a wide range of services and a variety of products, has purchased three MODUL™ Q tablet presses from GEA, along with multiple Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) turrets to maximize the equipment’s capability and efficiency.

The deal, organized in collaboration with GEA’s UK representative, S3 Process, represents a significant investment for the new company that will enable them to start commissioning manufacturing in the next 12 months. Their impressive new production facility in Maidenhead is a cGMP-compliant Class 100,000 plant with dedicated AHUs.

The MODUL™ Q and the ECM turrets were specifically chosen to ensure that products are processed as efficiently as possible. As a generics company, Noumed needs to be able to quickly switch between products and fulfil large batch orders. The rapid changeover times that the new equipment offers will increase overall efficiency, reducing potential downtime.

Tony Richardson, Noumed’s Manufacturing Manager, explained: “The MODUL™ Q is top of the range and a big invest”. “However,” he adds: “We did a lot of comparison work before we went to look at the machines to assess their output capacities and what different machines were capable of doing. The exceptional functionality of the press and its small footprint meant that the final investment actually represented very good value. The deal we’ve brokered means that the price of the machines was pretty equitable.”

As well as improved, elegant performance, the sleek and compact design of the MODUL™ Q means it fits neatly into Noumed’s manufacturing process. The small footprint of the machine also helps to maximize floor space for the other key equipment. Looking ahead, Tony Richardson said: “This is the beginning of the relationship with a company that’s got a very strong pedigree in tablet compression. When we pick up the phone with a query or want extra parts, we know there’s the knowledge and experience to give us the support we need.”

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