GEA has recently secured a contract with ABC Group in Indonesia to supply the company with a highly efficient 2 x 24 herringbone milking parlor for the company’s dairy herd. It is GEA’s first reference site for this type of equipment in the country. This comes as GEA gears up to drive further dairy farming sales in this highly important, growing market.

As GEA enters the dairy farming industry in Indonesia, it has supplied ABC Group with a classic EuroClass 800 RE milking system to meet the company’s needs. The 2 x 24 herringbone parlor is equipped with milk recording, a full herd management system and Cow Scout for general health monitoring and to detect when a cow is in heat and ready for insemination. The EuroClass 800 has a space-saving design that allows the cows to find a comfortable milking position quickly. The fast, gentle, efficient milking process helps reduce stress on the animals thereby contributing to high yields and high-quality milk.  GEA’s Rapid Exit system secures a high throughput.

“The EuroClass 800 is ideal for this customer as the company currently has a small herd but is looking to expand in the future,” said Jason Quertier, Head of Milking & Dairy Farming at GEA in New Zealand.  “The facility can easily be expanded as the herd grows and will, eventually, be used as a hospital parlour when the herd expands to its intended 10,000 animals in the future.”

Indonesia is experiencing a rise in consumption of milk and dairy products which has triggered this increasing demand for efficient, reliable milking technology.  The new plant will be located in the dairy region of West Java and will, according to Peter-Eddy Surya, Managing Director of GEA Indonesia, help drive future sales.  “The demand for milk and dairy products in Indonesia is growing and GEA is ready to capture the opportunities this creates,” he said.

In addition to the milking parlour, GEA is also providing ABC Group with a complete UHT and aseptic tank including deaeration, separation and homogenization, refrigeration equipment, and an aseptic filling line to produce shelf-stable, UHT milk and drinking yoghurt in PET bottles. This scope of supply and cooperation within GEA has been facilitated by the company’s new structure, designed to provide customers with access to all areas of the business through any single-source entry point.

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