Healthy and rested cows are essential for productivity and profitability in the dairy farm. The new cubicle, GEA DairyBarn B3130, is the only box system on the market that has no fixed mounted neck and front rails. Therefore it offers freedom of movement, flexibility and safety at the same time.

The flexible design of the DairyBarn B3130 promotes the natural lying behavior of the cows and at the same time ensures high animal security and thus a longer productive life of the cow. The divisions, which are flexible in the horizontal and vertical directions, reduce injuries. A wide front opening allows more natural movement when the cow tilts forward to get up or lie down. The neck rail bar with a vertical flexibility of 30 cm prevents the cow from getting stuck. The GEA DairyBarn B3130 also guides the cow to an optimal lying position, which leads to cleaner beds and less cleaning effort.

The GEA DairyBarn B3130 will be launched as an all-in-one concept with a cubicle, mattress/deep bedding and knee barrier at the end of the first quarter of 2019 in the Western European market.

New feed fence GEA DairyBarn B3525 for organic farming

Especially for dairy cows with horns, GEA has also developed the new self-locking safety feed fence DairyBarn B3525. The next generation of the Sweden feed fence is highly resilient and equipped with an additional safety option. With a feeding space width of 75/85 cm, a neck width of 21 cm and an external height of 88 cm, it meets the requirements for organic farming. The introduction into the Western European market is planned for the end of January 2019.

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