GEA will be presenting the new ammonia chiller BluQ at Chillventa 2018 in Nuremberg. The world leading fair is the ideal platform to showcase under the umbrella "Keep it blue” the company’s focus sustainability and energy efficiency in Hall 7, Stand 502 from 16 - 18 October.

GEA BluQ is the first ammonia chiller, with a semi-hermetic compact screw compressor, developed as an environmentally friendly solution in line with the global trend towards a green and safe future through the use of natural refrigerants.

GEA, a company with 50 years of experience developing screw compressors, designed the BluQ for large-scale air-conditioning systems. This low charge ammonia chiller requires only 40-50g of ammonia per kW cooling capacity and meets the leading energy efficiency and environmental protection requirements of the EcoDesign directive and F-Gas regulation.

Strong heartbeat from new GEA CompaX compressor


The heart of the BluQ system is the GEA CompaX compressor, the world’s first suction gas-cooled ammonia screw compressor. With this solution, GEA is offering a new approach with a semi-hermetic NH3 system, able to further reduce the risks of leaks due to the elimination of the shaft seal, thus making ammonia solutions even more attractive. Another of the compressor’s new features is its three-in-one design. The driveline houses the motor, the compressor and oil separator in an extremely compact and hermetic flanged unit. Despite the natural refrigerant ammonia, the windings of the electric motor are made from copper instead of aluminum, with its poor electrical conductivity. This leads to a high degree of efficiency, which does not require any external cooling due to the suction gas-cooling. The compressor, motor, and oil separator make up an extremely compact body including parts of the oil circuit, which increases the safety and ease of use of the ammonia refrigerant.

The chiller is designed to optimally reduce the refrigerant charge: the evaporator and liquid separator are housed in a single body in order to ensure that the amount of liquid required is minimal, even in comparison with other common ammonia solutions.

Energy-efficient in accordance with Eco-Design

This new GEA chiller is 100% compliant with the Eco Design 2006/2281 requirements for comfort chillers. The seasonal space cooling energy efficiency index (ηs,c) is approximately 10% higher than the Ecodesign requirements for the Tier 1 level.

Air conditioning of commercial, residential and public buildings

GEA BluQ is an ideal chiller concept for air conditioning systems. Almost every type of modern commercial, residential or public building needs systems to ensure a solid air temperature and healthy conditions for working and living. All technology solutions for this area of application must meet special safety standards. GEA BluQ is distinguished by its innovative design that minimizes the risk of all gas emissions under all operating conditions. GEA thus provides a modern technical solution for all climate applications.

Sustainable technology is becoming increasingly important for the successful operation of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Growing public awareness and advancing climate and environmental protection standards are promoting cleaner, eco-friendly cooling solutions. This makes GEA's new chiller concept especially attractive for future-proof air conditioning.

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