For the first quarter of 2018, GEA anticipates the following preliminary results: Operating EBITDA* is expected to amount to approximately EUR 65 million (previous year EUR 96 million).

This is primarily due to a weaker relative gross margin posted by the Business Area Solutions, notably in the American companies. Moreover within the Business Area Equipment, the earnings increase due to volume growth was unable to fully offset the currency-related disadvantages and adverse product mix effects, in particular in the USA. Group revenue is anticipated to rise to around EUR 1,035 million (previous year EUR 1,004 million). Here, negative currency effects amount to approximately EUR 50 million. Order intake is expected to add up to approximately EUR 1,100 million (previous year EUR 1,136 million). On order intake, adverse currency effects total just under EUR 60 million.

The business outlook for the year 2018 is confirmed. This assessment is based on the company’s solid order backlog as well as the measures already initiated. In this context, the second quarter’s order intake will also be essential. 

GEA will release its final first quarter 2018 results on May 4, 2018.

* A definition of operating EBITDA is provided on p. 219 of the 2017 Annual Report; as of 2018 in addition to a constant currency basis compared with the previous year (cf. p.25). 

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