GEA, sadece bira üreticileri için teknoloji sağlamakla kalmayıp, aynı zamanda Almanya'nın en kuzeyindeki şarap yetiştirme bölgesi Saale-Unstrut'ın kalbindeki köpüklü şarap üreticisi için de yeni proses boru hatları sağlamaktadır.

Tarihi köpüklü şarap şirketi

90'ların başından bu yana, Unstrut Freyburg'da bulunan tarihi köpüklü şarap şirketinde devamlı yatırım yapılmaktadır. GEA'nın tartarat dengeleme sisteminin monte edilmesiyle bağlantılı olarak GEA Biracılık Sistemleri, proses teknolojisi ve boru sistemleri entegrasyonuna başladı.
In spring 2011, Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien decided to make the production equipment in Freyburg fit for the future. The filling capacity is to be raised from currently 20,000 bottles per hour to 28,000 bottles per hour. This capacity increase thus affects the overall production process.

In detail, this means:
• Set-up of three fermentation halls with 36 fermentation tanks each (each with a filling volume of 160,000 l)
• Process piping of the new fermentation halls
• Increase of the filling and emptying capacities in the existing fermentation halls 1 – 7
• Capacity increase of the filtration and tartrate stabilization equipment
• New bottling system for 28,000 bottles per hour

Adım, adım

Sabit değişim panelli boru sistemi

Mayıs başındaki ilk yapım aşamasında GEA, 36 fermantasyon tanklı fermantasyon salonu 8'in proses borularını gerçekleştirmeye başladı. Bu, ayrıca şarap, köpüklü şarap, su ve egzoz havası için fermantasyon salonu 7'ye proses bağlantılarının yapılmasını da içermekteydi.
In total, 1250 meters of stainless steel pipes with a nominal diameter of DN 50 to DN 80 will be installed in this area on stainless steel brackets, as fixed piping as it was already done in the existing fermentation halls. Already at that time, this piping system with permanently installed switching panels (see picture) replaced the old hose system, because it is much easier to handle by the operating staff and ensures improved work safety.

The fermentation tanks were designed with manually operated shut-off valves, because they are filled and emptied only twice a year. The swivel bends have an expansion valve to make it easier for the operating staff to loosen the screw connection (6 – 8 bar g operating pressure). All installation and welding work is carried out by our qualified staff. Special attention is paid to the long pipes with the corresponding gradient as well as the projection of welding seams, which shall not exceed 10 % of the wall thickness. For all pipes, the TIG inert gas welding method is used; then the outside of the welding seams is passivated (pickled). The pipes are placed parallel to the rows of tanks and end before each tank with a manual disk valve for wine or sparkling wine. For economic reasons, there are group connections for exhaust air to the respective ring lines.