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Today, pharmaceutical, food and even chemical manufacturers are demanding safe and ultra clean solutions, capable of working in aseptic conditions and fully compliant with all pharmaceutical requirements and regulations. Expertise, know-how and high-quality equipment are the main criteria for choosing the best business partner with a view to establishing a successful presence in the Pharma market. Why not leverage GEA’s Pharma know-how?

Increasing market demand for fully compliant machines designed to fulfill the most stringent cleanliness and aseptic regulations sets the benchmark for developing specific products for pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The turnkey solutions provided by GEA are capable of operating at very high pressure, ensuring ideal results according to your clean room characteristics.

From lab to industry, evolution takes its place

In their standard configuration, Pharma Skids are composed of a feed pump, a homogenizer and an electrical power board and have a long list of available options to easily fit any customer’s needs. Optionally, they can be equipped with a product cooling system, incorporating a tubular heat exchanger before and after homogenization, in order to cool the product back to the inlet temperature value. They also can be cleaned (CIP) and sterilized (SIP) in place.

These units are suitable for realizing batch and continuous flow processes, which are often used for emulsions, dispersions and liposomes in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications. They guarantee effective particle size reduction and maximum yield with excellent results for pharmaceutical drugs, biotechnology cell rupture, nanoparticles and nano emulsions and dispersions.

These flexible solutions enable all the components required by the customer to be installed around the homogenizer, ensuring the high reliability needed in the pharma industry through software evaluation. This is the unique key component that provides all the documentary evidence to confirm the validation tests and compliance with aseptic and hygienic guidelines.

From the initial feasibility study and throughout the entire life cycle of the machine, our customers are supported by skilled personnel, who offer customized solutions, product tests (FAT-SAT) on the machine, and the documentation required to secure the most stringent certifications (cGMP).

Homogenizers Plug & Play Pharma Skid

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