GEA recognizes the important role that training plays in the proper use of its equipment. Whether the need is theory, general operational instruction or specific process-related guidance, GEA is focused on helping you learn to use our technology to the fullest.

When a new machine is installed at a customer’s site, or when a new crew is hired, training on the capabilities and use of the machine is indispensable. On the whole, we train operators and/or supervisors on-site, providing both theoretical and practical hands-on instruction on the equipment and the associated processes (often adjusted to the specific needs of the customer).

Our support doesn’t stop after the initial installation phase, however. Our team of specialists continues to be at the disposal of our customers for ongoing learning and support throughout the lifetime of the equipment. We regularly provide training and support at customer sites for process development and the implementation of a new formulation on our technologies.

In addition to on-site training, we also organize regular workshops and seminars on a wide variety of issues. These events provide an opportunity for the participants to gain a broader view of any technological developments or matters affecting the industry, and an environment in which to share experiences, learn from others and get to know GEA — its people and its solutions — a little better.

In an effort to support the theoretical, operational and process-related needs of our customer base, regular training courses are scheduled at the GPSC. Tailor-made classes can also be arranged, either at the customer’s facility or at the GPSC.

Currently available courses include

 For more information on our training courses, contact us via your regional contact.