The pharmaceutical industry is a highly technological production environment with a proven history of manufacturing founded on well-established scientific principles. At GEA, based on many years of experience and successfully completed projects, we have developed a wealth of drug production expertise and know-how. And, having worked with many different formulations in numerous countries on countless applications, our understanding and familiarity with the processes and results that can be achieved with our equipment is second to none.


This level of understanding and competence is applied by the specialist teams in our pharmaceutical test centers around the world to assist our customers in oral solid dosage (OSD) form testing, development and optimization.

Our test facilities offer a full range of both batch and continuous manufacturing technologies to produce pharmaceutical solid dosage forms and represent our continued commitment to and ongoing support for the current and future pharmaceutical industry.

The test centers offer a wealth of opportunity for our clients, including customer demonstrations and trials on our state-of-the-art batch and continuous equipment, training sessions and hands-on lab experience, product development assistance, CQA evaluation support and updates on what can be achieved with GEA equipment. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) can be tested in a GMP-like environment, based on a safety and OEL risk assessment.

Additionally, we provide a unique range of services that are designed to enhance production and expedite time-to-market, such as testing new concepts (equipment/advanced controls), developing and refining new procedures to increase both our understanding and the capabilities of our equipment, as well as equipment and operator training.

GEA’s centers of excellence in Belgium and the US provide access to a full range of test facilities and teams of experts, all of whom work closely with the company’s customers to optimize procedures and evaluate their products, enabling them to achieve their process and production goals.

No other supplier offers such a comprehensive portfolio of tableting technologies, from powder handling to granulating, pelletizing, drying, compression and coating, including ConsiGma®, the first ever continuous high shear granulation, drying and tableting system, which is set to revolutionize OSD processing.

Your needs are critical and individual. Our worldwide test centers have been created to meet those needs. From solid dosage applications in the Wommelgem GPSC and US PTC, to the largest and most advanced spray drying facility in the world in Copenhagen, Denmark, and separation technologies in Oelde, Germany, we can help you to build quality into your processes, adjust key parameters to drive your critical quality attributes to the required target levels and bring new products to market in a quick and efficient way.

To discover more or organize a test, demonstration or training session, contact our dedicated, passionate and experienced team ( With a long history of solid dosage form expertise, including hundreds of formulations, everyone at the GPSC and PTC is committed to going the extra mile to meet customer expectations. Wherever you are in the world, whatever your application, we’ll take you further, faster.