Tank Bottom Valves T-smart Tank Bottom Valve 4000

T-smart Tank Bottom Valves 4000 are used to shut off fluid media at vessels or tanks. They are designed to be fitted at the lowest point of the tank bottom to shut-off the media flush with the tank bottom without any kind of sump.

The pocket-free design provides complete draining of the tank and optimal CIP/SIP cleaning. The extremely compact design allows T-smart tank bottom valves to be fitted into the tightest of spaces.


Thanks to the robust design of the body connection flange, the valve can be welded into place without any distortion. T-smart tank bottom valves are fitted with single-acting pneumatic actuators type NC (normally closed), alternatively type NO (normally open), and are available in 2 different housing combinations.

Technical Data
Material in contact with the productAISI 316L
Material not in contact with the productAISI 304
Seal material in contact with the productEPDM
Ambient temperature0 - +45°C
Control air pressureMin. 6 bar, max. 8 bar
Product pressure: normally  closed
DN 25/ DN 40/ DN 50 / DN 65 
OD 1" / 1,5" / 2" / 2,5" / 3" 
DN 80/ DN 100 / OD 4"

max. 6 bar

 max. 5 bar
Product pressure: normally open
DN 25/ DN40/ DN 50 / DN65
OD 1" / 1,5" / 2" / 2,5" / 3"
DN 80/ DN 100 / OD 4"

 max. 6 bar

 max. 6 bar
Surface in contact with the productRa ≤ 0.8 μm
External housing surfaceMetal blank
Actuator typePneumatic actuator air/spring; not reversible 
Connection fittingsWelding end
CertificatesEHEDG, CE