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We offer three different types of UHT Plants for Aseptic Product Treatment

UHT Plant

The decisive factors in the selection of the appropriate UHT process (Ultra High Temperature) for thermal product treatment are product quality, production safety and efficiency. As a manufacturer of UHT plant for dairy and other liquid products, GEA looks back over a long experience. The capacity of UHT plant range from 50 – 40.000 l/h for the treatment of low- and medium-viscosity products. The UHT plant also allow for thermal and aseptic treatment of products with portions of fibres and particles.

It is your choice which UHT Plant you choose

GEA markets three different types of UHT Plant - depending on the product to be treated, the product quality and efficiency:

UHT Plant, Type I

These product treatment plant work according to the indirect heating principle. Their great benefit: Using this method, the UHT Plant Type I provides very high production safety. This process technology has proved successful for many years. The UHT Plant have optimized flow conditions which produce good product quality and high efficiency with a heat recovery of up to 90%. 

UHT Plant, Type P

Similar to the indirect UHT Plant Type I, the UHT Plant Type P is widely based on identical process technology. 

The difference is that the tubular heat exchanger type P is used here – indirect heat transfer between the product to be heated and that to be cooled is not applied. The advantage is that this plant type achieves an even higher efficiency and improved product quality without the need to expand the heat exchange surface. 

UHT Plant, Type D

The direct heating method used in these UHT Plant offers the advantage of very high product quality. The integral steam injector and a flash cooler provide very short dwelling times in the temperature intensive zones.

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