Homogenizing Valves

Homogenizing Standard Valve

The standard valve is able to satisfy different market requests thanks to its capacity to personalize the profile and materials used.

Homogenizing Standard Valve

Fluid-dynamic studies and laboratory tests have demonstrated the importance of specific geometries of the valve, whose functionalities depend on the different types of applications.

Different versions according to customer requests

Standard VALVE components

GEA Standard valve allows the profile and materials customization which can vary according to the application and the effect demanded on the final product.

The valve is available in different versions and it covers low and upper pressure range allowing the optimization of the process performance.  The flat valve (S type) and the sharp edge profile (R type), which covers up to 1.500 bar of pressure, answers to different process needs: S type is ideal for emulsions and it permits a longer life-time of the product while R type is designed for high performances where a higher cell rupture process i required.

Key features

The optimization on the material used, often realized in collaboration with GEA major clients, contributed to define the standard valve quality, capable of combining mechanical resistance and compliance with current hygienic normative in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

S type profile features:

  • emulsion
  • longer travel
  • lower cell rupture action
  • product stability

R type profile features:

  • shorter travel
  • higher cell rupture action

Standard Valve - for remote use

Homogenizing Standard Valve - for remote use

In some applications, for example the milk, which need a heat treatment followed by the homogenization process, the pump is located upstream the plant.

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