Flexible plate former to efficiently form fresh products

GEA FreshFormer

Discover the GEA FreshFormer, GEA's versatile and easy-to-use plate former, ideal for smaller batches of fresh meat and vegetables with many product change-overs.

GEA FreshFormer

Reliable and easy to use

The GEA FreshFormer increases flexibility in fresh meat forming and saves money by significantly reducing the residue (giveaway) at the changeover. It forms fresh red meat into virtually any shape for meatballs, steak haché, beef tartar, burgers and more. It is also suitable for formed vegetable products. Easily exchangeable forming plates in combination with easy access to the hopper guarantee fast product changeover times.

Main applications

Main applications GEA FreshFormer & MultiFormer

The GEA FreshFormer forms fresh red meat into virtually any shape for meatballs, steak haché, beef tartar, burgers and more. It is also suitable for formed vegetable products.


  • Feeder to preserve the structure of meat 
  • Minimizes residue after each batch 
  • Accurate portioning with minimum waste


  • The hopper and feeding system are easy to clean when changing to different product material
  • Flexibility to form many difficult fresh products with very little residue 
  • Options for stick inserter, paper interleaver, ball rolling unit and tray transverse conveyor


  • Proven uptime of 98% or higher, while low maintenance costs ensure value for money
  • Easy and quick product changeover 
  • User-friendly operation, tooling, cleaning and maintenance

Advanced technology

GEA Knockout

GEA Knockout

With patented GEA E-knockout and Varioseal the release of products is excellent by the combination of gravity, air pulse and water. It saves up to 80% in water usage and changing a knockout is really fast and connecting takes only one minute. The knockout concept is also easy to clean from the outside and entirely made in stainless steel for a great hygienic design.

GEA Formplates engineered with precision

GEA Forming plates

With the original GEA FormPlates, you can make every gram of your product count. Nothing beats OEM quality when it comes to minimizing give-away and optimizing the shape, quality and portion weight of your formed products. The form plates are offered in 5 different materials, ranging from cost-effective PE for short runs and shape tests, to the durable PremiumForm for extreme forming quality and very long production runs.

Technical details

Product specifications GEA FreshFormer 400
Dimension L x W x H 2060 x 2640 x 1010 mm
Belt width 400 mm
Max. capacity 50 strokes/min
Max. filling (volume/stroke) 1.37 liter
Electric power 8 kW
Air consumption 300
Machine weight 1130 kg
Hopper volume 210 liter

Options for GEA FreshFormer

GEA BridgeBreaker

Working with the GEA BridgeBreaker minimizes product bridging in the hopper. This ensures a consistent flow towards the pressing/filling chamber and makes it possible to work with a larger product temperature fluctuation.

Stick Inserter

Working with a StickInserter creates added value and extra selling arguments for your end products. It also reduces labor costs.

GEA Ball Rolling Unit

The Ball Rolling Unit, which moves back and forth crosswise, is a perfect automated solution to roll cylindrical products between 5 and 50 grams. This add-on is available for the 400 mm and 600 mm wide lines.

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