Buttermaking Machine BUE


Butter Making Machine


The cream is precisely heated to a constant temperature and churned to butter granules in cylinder 1. In cylinder 2, the granules are cooled down in a chilled butter milk bath before the butter milk is drained from the conglomerating butter lumps. 

In texturizer 1, the butter is kneaded to drain more butter milk. Then water, buttermilk, dairy culture, salt brine or other liquids can be dosed and a multiple stage mixer evenly blends all ingredients. In the vacuum chamber the enclosed air is extracted. Subsequently, in texturizer 2 the butter once more is thoroughly kneaded and mixed and an integrated butter pump ensures a continuous discharge.

Features & Benefits

Food Processing Equipment - Buttermaking Machine BUE

The machine is completely CIP-cleanable. The cleaning concept of GEA provides a product recovery with almost no losses.

The butter discharge port has a DIN 11851 union, all other product connections are designed according to ISO 2852 (TriClamp). All machine drives are frequency-controlled.

The machine has a complete stainless steel housing. Big doors on all sides give good access to all parts. All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel. FDA approved materials are available for the seals. The hygienic design of the machine is certified by USDA.

Standard scope of delivery

  • 3-phase AC motors
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Gear oil


  • Cream treatment
  • Feed flow control
  • Cream heater
  • Butter milk tank
  • Dosing unit
  • Vacuum unit
  • Butter milk cooling
  • Butter silo
  • CIP plant with butter oil recovery
  • Continuous moisture analyzer
  • Process control (PLC)
  • Motor control (MCC)


Feed: 3600 kg/h - 26,000 kg/h
Final product: 1800 kg/h - 13,000 kg/h

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