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Vibration Table

GEA vibration tables are applicable to a wide range of operations in the food, the feed and the chemical-technical industries.



The vibration tables can be found in a open or closed design and can also be designed for the demand of a sanitary environment. The operations of the vibrating tables are typically compaction/removal of air from miscellaneous materials, shake-outs at foundries, vibration of cartons and cans for reducing packaging size, vibration of bags and sacks on pallets for stabilization before wrapping and testing of electronic equipment etc. at various frequencies.


  • Equipped with electromagnetic vibrator
  • Equipped with 1 or 2 vibration motors
  • The maximum item weight is approx. 2000 kg
  • The design and all dimensions are tailored to the specific job
  • Applicable to operations where strong vibrations are required and adjustment of the vibrations during operation is not necessary
  • Applicable to operations where high frequency and small amplitude are expedient and where an infinitely variable control of the vibrations (from 0 to 100%) during operation is requested
  • The equipment consists of a tabletop, equipped with one or more drive units, and a stationary frame
  • The tabletop and the support frame are manufactured in S.S. AISI 304 or Fe360
  • Designed for continuous operation - no regular inspection or lubrication is necessary = negligible maintenance

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