Liquid-liquid extraction, Liquid-Liquid separation

Solid-Wall Bowl Separators for Chemical Products

GEA solid-wall disc-type separators are used primarily for separating liquid mixtures with no or with only minimal solid contents (less than < 0.1 % by vol.).

Centrífuga - Separador de recipiente de parede sólida

The separator is equipped with a solid-wall bowl. The product is separated into a light phase and a heavy phase within the disc stack. The separated components are discharged under pressure by means of the corresponding centripetal pumps through pipe outlets. The use of a disc stack increases the equivalent clarification area Σ of the separator Solid-wall, disc-type separators can be offered with all product-contacted components made of high corrosion resistant materials.

Depending on the design, the location of the discharge drain hole is in the bottom of the bowl. This prevents the operator or service personnel from coming into contact with extremely dangerous substances.

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