High performance separator

PROFI System for Kieselguhrfree Beer Clarification

The PROFI beer filtration is a combination of high performance centrifuge and membrane filtration. It enables optimized beer filtration without kieselguhr.

Centrífuga - Separador centrífugo

GEA separator with patented gentle (hydrohermetic) feed, preventing shear forces from the product, the viability of the yeast is retained. Significantly improved clarification.


The unfiltered beer containing fine and coarse solids is fed into the rotating bowl and clarified in the disk stack. The coarse solids slide down into the solids space of the bowl and are discontinuously discharged. The clarified liquid which still contains fine solids is discharged under pressure by a centripetal pump. This pre-clarified beer is fed into the virtually retentate-free membrane filtration system. Here, the pre-clarified beer with fine solids passes through hollow fibre filter modules. The clarified beer is then transferred to the packaging station. A system for retentate recycling into a tank is not required.

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