Centrifuge Separator CatFineMaster for Cat Fines Removal

Efficient cat fines removal

The new CatFineMaster is a highly efficient solution to protect the performance, safety and economy not only of marine engines but also of marine and land-based power generator systems.

One touch. Finest Fuel.

One touch of the button starts the process. The system takes all relevant criteria into account – especially the acute fuel demand, and pre-configured energy-saving settings. All the decisive functional parameters, such as the variable separation temperature and the variable separation flow rate are then automatically set for maximum separation performance. A radically simplified menu has been designed for failsafe operation.

The entire separator unit has been developed for reliability and ease of use, with an optimized footprint in the engine room. GEA engineers have worked closely with engine developers and other experts to create a solution that provides full support to ship owners and power plant operators against damage from cat fines and low-quality fuels. In this way, GEA is making a contribution to promoting the safety of marine and power plant operations and return on investment in marine enterprises.


  • Hot separation = maximum separation efficiency
  • Variable flow = maximum separation efficiency and energy saving
  • IO = one touch operation avoids operating mistakes and provides efficiency programs
  • CFR = optimized separator size comparison based on profound regulations
  • unitrolplus = flexible adjustment to difficult and changing conditions of the in-feed
  • hydrostop = virtually oil-free discharge (no product loss)



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