More beer at consistent quality, batch by batch

Sistema montado do Separador Brewpub da GEA

The GEA brewpub separator skid is a ready-to-go centrifuge package unit to clarify beer, wort and other products in brewpubs and smaller breweries. It is the ideal starter skid designed for the particular needs of microbrewies.

GEA brewpub separator skid for craft beer

More beer from each batch

Clarifying beer with sensitively applied centrifugal force minimizes losses and increases yield from every batch by 5 to 10 percent – without adding further resources

GEA brewpub Separator Skid for Craft Beer

Kickstart your passion

Kickstart your passion

Faster to start the next batch

Going around the sedimentation process shortens the overall brew time by several days. The risk of yeast autolysis is reduced by separating the yeast.

Consistent clarity /turbidity

The beer can reliably be reproduced batch by batch for maximum consistency. The GEA brewpub separator skid does it for you.

Kickstart your passion with the brewer’s best friend!

GEA brewpub Separator Skid comes ready to work on a simple-to-handle skid that fits everywhere you are paying close attention to your operating costs, then this practical innovation has all it takes.

It works reliably with large service intervals. A free-of-charge first spare part kit is included. Simply connect up and make it work.

Built-in GEA expertise

GEA brewpub separator skid for craft beer

Even with accessories strictly kept down to essentials, GEA Brewpub comes with important features and components known from all other GEA beer separators include:

  • Classic GEA centrifuge design, based on more than a century of experience
  • Patented GEA hydry® ejection system ensures that the solids ejected with this system are concentrated to a maximum. 
  • Even coarse hop fibers can be safely ejected without the need of a strainer prior to the centrifuge! 
  • Maintenance-free hydrohermetic seal to prevent oxygen pick-up 
  • New, compact exterior design for effective public display in pub and tavern breweries

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