Agitator upgrade for the mashing process

Agitador 2.0 da GEA

A simple upgrade from GEA for better mash mixing and higher beer production.


The GEA Agitator 2.0 is a new design of mash agitator for brewers that makes the process quicker and more effective.  The new agitator can be fitted as an upgrade to existing equipment and will: reduce burnt deposits on heating surfaces, create a more even heat distribution within the mash, reduce occupation times, create optimum mash mixing and can achieve faster filtration.

Recognize your benefits

  • Can be retrofitted to all round mash vessels and adjunct cookers
  • Reduce burnt deposits on heating zones and vessel walls
  • Faster heating of the mash vessel
  • Shorter occupation time allowing more mashes a day
  • Reduced oxygen uptake
  • Suitable for hammer mill grist and all starchy adjuncts
  • Fast return on investment

Even with starchy adjuncts and powder grist

The new Agitator 2.0 has been specially designed by GEA to be particularly effective when mixing powder grist, that can otherwise clump and become sticky; and starchy adjuncts, such as rice, maize, starch and cassava, that must be adequately mixed to ensure the effective release of fermentable sugars.

Better heat transfer

The slow agitator speeds create lower shear forces, reduce oxygen uptake and improve the control of the enzymatic conversion process.  The opposing-incline blade design ensures optimum heat convection thereby preventing hot spots on heated surfaces that can cause the build-up of burnt deposits that impede efficiency. Better heat transfer means shorter residence time and more frequent mashes.


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