Gentle depanning with accurate placement


Gentle depanning with accurate placement

Flexible models for overturning or pick and place

The SMO model sliding head depanner can use needles, suction caps or clamps to transfer products from baking trays onto a conveyor, and can be supplied with servo-motors to increase precision and throughput.  

The high capacity SMR depanner overturns trays to gently and accurately transfer products onto the forward conveyor. A smaller version is available for lower capacity requirements, and can also be used to overturn trays for cleaning. 

The versatile Robot depanner from GEA can be used to overturn trays, and can also be fitted with needles, suction cups or claps to pick products from their trays for precise placement on the next conveyor. 

Sliding head depanner

Promising to offer optimum reliability and consistent operation in production plants, the SMO depanner from GEA gently picks up products from baking trays and places them directly onto a conveyor belt, most commonly for transfer to the packaging system. The unit can be used to depan a wide range of products, including cakes, pies and croissants.

The SMO depanner comprises a solid frame that supports a motorized, sliding head. The head can be fitted with needles, suction cups or clamps to directly depan a wide range of products from their trays or conveyor belt.

Featuring the reliability for which GEA is renowned, the SMO unit is built to maximize productivity. Robust mechanics and the ability to simultaneously depan more products from a greater number of trays equates to increased capacity. For high speed requirements the machine can also be supplied with servo-motors, which enable even higher precision pick and place, and gentler manipulation of products.

Overturning depanner

GEA has developed the SMR depanner to automate the otherwise heavy manual task of overturning baking trays to release their products. The platform gently handles the trays to ensure that the shape, integrity and quality of even the most delicate cakes or pastries is retained.

The SMR depanner comprises a frame and servo-motor-driven rotary belt for overturning the trays and transferring the products. The operation efficiently and accurately delivers and positions the products on to the next conveyor, for transfer to subsequent processing or packaging stations. The highly robust system can depan many trays per cycle to meet high capacity production requirements, while maintaining gentle handling and precision when placing the overturned tray. A smaller version of the SMR depanner is also available, and can be used either to depan products by overturning, or to turn trays upside down for subsequent cleaning.

Ask GEA about our depanning solutions for your products and production capacity requirements.

Robot depanner

Matching today’s most demanding automation requirements in the bakery sector, the Robot depanner from GEA can be used to directly depan products or to overturn baking trays, making it suitable for a wide variety of products.

GEA can program many of the most well recognized robots from worldwide brands, to make the best use of them on installed production lines. Our own, highly versatile Robot depanner can be programmed to overturn trays, or the head can be fitted with needles, suction cups or clamps so that a wide range of product types can be directly picked from the baking trays and placed on another conveyor, for example, to move on to the packaging system. All the heads are easily interchangeable for quick product changeover. The Robot unit is secured in place by a protection crate to safeguard personnel. 

Talk to us at GEA to find out more about the Robot depanners and about programming options for your existing production lines.

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