Report: New Food Frontiers​

The alternative protein industry has made rapid progress in recent years. GEA surveyed more than 1,000 chefs globally to get their views on new food, including cell-based foods and beverages. This, combined with in-depth reporting as well as interviews from thought-leaders, industry experts and investors, provides a nuanced view of the opportunities and hurdles industry faces in scaling up alternative protein production to increase uptake.​

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Editorial material​

Title image New Food Frontiers

Press release

GEA Chef Survey: Alternative proteins will account for at least a quarter of all food by 2040​

Figure 2: Do chefs experience increased demand for new food from guests?


Here you will find images and graphics relating to the report as well as the press event​


Audio footage

Podcast interview with Heinz Jürgen Kroner, Head of New Food, GEA​

New Food Frontiers

Report New Food Frontiers​

Click here to access the report New Food Frontiers. Realizing the promise of alternative proteins​


Video material

Here you can find the recording of the press event and further video footage


Film „Ideas that could feed the world”

GEA and Solar Foods give food for thought: This new food film is part of the series of the same name.

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