Supporting customers in achieving their sustainability goals.

Carbon Capture

GEA is committed to creating cutting-edge carbon capture technologies that enable customers´ industries like steel, aluminium, glass, fertilizer, and cement to accelerate their transition to a low-carbon economy and mitigate climate change.

Carbon capture for a brighter sky and future

GEA’s Carbon Capture Portfolio comes to extend GEA’s already well-established gas cleaning and heat recovery technologies offer through the amine-based CO2 capturing process as well as options for CO2 transport and utilization.

GEA aims to make carbon capture a viable and practical solution that can be widely adopted and integrated into existing infrastructures. By collaborating with customers and leveraging technical expertise, GEA strives for unlocking the decarbonization potential in targeted industries.

GEA´s Carbon Capturing Portfolio involves the following process steps:

Graphic: Carbon capture scheme


Use of excess heat from industrial processes and flue gases is the first step towards Carbon Capture & Utilization as the heat can be transferred to the carbon capturing unit and cover a significant proportion of the required heat for CO₂ desorption.

Gas Pre-Treatment

An important prerequisite for carbon capturing is the pre-treatment of the flue gas to ensure the long-term stability and performance of the carbon capturing system. GEA offers various solutions to remove solids, aerosols, sulfuric and nitric oxides and more.

CO₂ Capturing

The current state-of-the-art process for large scale CO₂ capturing is the chemical absorption with amines. GEA offers amine-based CO₂ capture plants of various sizes, allowing CO₂ capturing from very diverse exhaust gas compositions.

CO₂ Utilization & Sequestration

The captured CO₂ must substitute fossil carbon to avoid anthropogenic GHG emissions. This can be achieved through the use of CO₂ for producing CO₂ based products or by liquefying and sequestrating the CO₂ in long-term storages - to name some examples.

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