Information Security Management System

Global Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001

GEA operates and runs a global Information Security Management System (ISMS). It supports the Executive Board, managers, and all GEA employees in protecting sensitive information.

The security measures put in place by our ISMS play a preventive role to avoid risks in the first place. But we have also defined detective, reactive and corrective measures to respond to successful attacks in a timely manner.

GEA’s ISMS is based on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, takes on board industry-specific regulations, is continuously further developed by our Chief Information Security Officer, and is reviewed and approved by the Executive Board.

Iskro Mollov
“At GEA we have a strong team of experts for the entire range of information security disciplines. We are striving for the highest possible standards for our security measures, the training of employees and the protection of our business operations.”
Iskro Mollov Chief Information Security Officer
Christian Niederhagemann
“With advancing digitalization and globalization, the protection of information and sensitive company data is becoming increasingly important. That is why our efforts to protect our customers’, shareholders’ and people’s information are expanding worldwide.”
Christian Niederhagemann Chief Information Officer

The below section displays how our Information Security System at GEA comes together, including our effective teams, that all contributes to handling our ever-changing security needs. 

GEA group executive board

Within the Information Security Management System, we operate and maintain two lines of defense against major security risks. In the first line, seven focus areas address risks and threats where they occur. As a second line of defense, the Chief Information Security Officer is responsible for Information Security Governance. He establishes the security levels at GEA by defining the security requirements, risk levels, and standards.

Focus Security through clear structures

Global security program

Thanks to GEA’s Information Security Management System we protect information assets through effective, efficient, and modern methods. Our customers and partners benefit from that in many ways:

  • Peace of mind – Customers’ and partners’ data is as secure as possible with us since we protect all information assets, including theirs.
  • Competitiveness – Is preserved since we protect intellectual property (e.g., solutions tailored to our customers) against theft and espionage.
  • Security of supply – Supply of GEA machinery, plants, or process technology is protected since we defend those against sabotage and loss of production.
  • Protected infrastructure – The infrastructure of our customers and partners is protected since we defend against attacks targeting their systems through our GEA environment.

The Information & Cyber Security Team

Our Information & Cyber Security Department, headed by the Chief Information Security Officer, is in charge of information security governance as part of our Second Line of Defense security function.

Scott Turner
"Within GEA we have recognized that an identity is a major target for attackers. To streamline and improve our efficiency in responding to such threats, we have placed our Security Incident Managers and IAM Experts within a single team. This was all made possible by developing an effective, efficient and audit-proof process for Identity and Access Management built by collaborating with departments all through GEA."
Scott Turner Head of the Department IAM and Security Incident Response
Gary Hensel
“At GEA, we have developed very high standards for Information Security. Ensuring that these standards are implemented in all regions is my job – and the job of my whole team!”
Gary Hensel Regional Information Security Officer AMERICAS
Victoria Rodriguez
"With the help of our strong Local Information Security Officers team, we are successful in implementing and developing our Information Security standards worldwide.“
Victoria Rodríguez Regional Information Security Officer EMEA
Pete Siau
"The togetherness of diverse, multicultural and international colleagues is what I enjoy most about my job. We collaborate and improve GEA’s security by working together as a global team.”
Pete Siau Regional Information Security Officer APAC
Fibbe Thorsten
„Information security is also a top priority for us within the divisions. We are proud of our certificates, which show that we successfully implement and comply with security standards.“
Thorsten Fibbe Business Information Security Officer Separation & Flow Technologies

Information Security Certificates

To prove that information is handled securely at GEA we have independent, renowned institutions audit and confirm the efficiency and effectiveness of the security measures we take to protect our information and that of our customers.

Here you will find an overview of the certifications we have already achieved.

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