Rethink cups on with the new iCR+

Rethink cups on with the new iCR+

Featuring unique EasyStart lift or pull vacuum activation and automatic cluster removal, the iCR+ Intelligent Cluster Remover helps to simplify the milking routine, saving 1-2 seconds per cow at cups on alone.
NZ dairy farmer, Dries Verrycken

If you could cut cupping times by 1-2 seconds per cow, how much time would you save during milking?

For Waikato dairy farmer, Dries Verrycken of Westmorland Estate, milking 500 cows, he can now save around 16 minutes at cups-on alone thanks to the new iCR+ with EasyStart simple lift or pull vacuum activation. That’s over 30 minutes a day and over 3.5 hours a week in this 50-bail iFLOW rotary. Meaning his cows can be back out to pasture quicker, and he can get on with other jobs. 

Taking away the need to push a button to activate cluster vacuum, the new iCR+ helps to simplify the milking routine and minimise workload by creating a consistent milking experience. The unique EasyStart supports efficient cupping techniques through the simple lift or pull vacuum activation, giving the milker control over what works best for them. With no button push, the operator will save 1-2 seconds per cow at cups on. 

iCR+ key features

Key features of the new iCR+

  • EasyStart lift or pull vacuum activation
  • Cut cupping time by 1-2 seconds per cow
  • Automatic cluster take-off with three predetermined settings (set time, set point, or milk flow)
  • LED lights on each ram inform you of the milking status
  • Cluster drop-down function to pass under bridge (rotary)
  • Never over-milk or under-milk again
  • Simplify and minimise workload
Automatic cluster removal with the iCR+

Predetermined cluster take-off

Clusters are automatically removed with predetermined settings. You can choose to programme cluster take-off for either a set time or a set point, or by milk flow. This gives you complete control over the milking process, eliminates the need for an operator at cups-off, and ensures your cows will never be over-milked, or under-milked, again.

When the iCR+ recognises the pre-set milking threshold has been met, the cluster is vented, shutting off the vacuum before removal to ensure a gentle removal from the teats. In rotary parlours, drop-down activation means once removed, the iCR+ will lower the cluster at the bridge exit area, allowing the cluster to pass under the bridge. For herringbones, the cluster is retracted then lowered to hang in the pit area, showing the operator that milking is complete.

iCRS cow restrain straps

Stay in control

Clearly visible LED lamps highlight the milking status in each bail, quickly alerting staff of any problems during the milking process. Contained in the head of each iCR+ ram, three LED colour status indicators (red, green, and blue) keep you informed of the current milking mode and instantly alert you to issues such as when a cluster has been kicked off or if milk flow is low.

Optional extras can be configured to work in conjunction with the iCR+ to enable further efficiencies and reduced labour at milking time. In rotaries, cow restraint straps (iCRS) can be installed to retain cows on the platform in the case of a milking alert during the rotation. For example, if a cluster is kicked off or she has not finished milking, the LED indicator will flash red and the cow restraint will drop down behind the cow to keep her on the platform. For herringbone parlours, in the event of a milking alert the LED indicator will flash red and the cluster will drop-down into the pit - showing the operator that a milking error has occurred.   

iPUD automatic teat sprayer

Configure with in-bail teat spraying (rotary parlours)

The iCR+ can be configured with the iPUD platform universal device to automatically spray each cow's teats after each milking. Once clusters are removed, the iPUD is triggered and automatically activates teat spray in a crossfire pattern for even coverage of all teats. 

Acting as a leg separator, the iPUD standardises cow stance for easy cluster attachment, while the backlit panel allows for easy detection of milk abnormalities while stripping. 

For herringbone parlours, the iNTELSPRAY2 offers a unique walk-over spray pad that senses the cow and sprays the teats as she exits the milking parlour. Designed to be easily fit to a manual or automated teat spray system, it can be retrofitted to any shed type and is a proven solution for herringbone parlours.

iCR+ suited to any milking system

The perfect cluster removal system for rotaries, herringbones, retrofits and new installations, the new iCR+ with EasyStart lift or pull vacuum activation will help save both time and labour, all whilst providing a consistent milking routine for both cows and operator.

Reliable and heavy-duty, the iCR+ requires no device network or additional software to operate. With the electronic board located in the head of each ram, the iCR+ operates independently. This also means that if one ram is out of operation, all the others will continue working. 

Time to rethink the way you milk?

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