Lagoon Super Pump

The Lagoon Super Pump offered by GEA will provide a high level of performance.

The Lagoon Super Pump is offered with 6" (152 mm) or 8" (200 mm) discharge and a wide range of well-built and robust trailers. They are specially designed to facilitate the travel, approach, agitation and transfer of manure lagoons. These heavy-duty pumps will rapidly homogenize liquid manure in lagoons.

Key Features

  • 6" (150 mm) aluminum discharge with flexible joint in the middle. Also available in 8" (200 mm) for faster loading.
  • Heavy-duty drive line with #55 PTO
  • Height adjustment hinged undercarriage with floatation tires.
  • Easy access for maintenance of the driveline joint.
  • Low maintenance gearbox protected by our 3 seal system on each shaft to protect against contamination.
  • 6" (150 mm) or 8" (200 mm) directional valve to either agitate or transfer manure. It can be operated while pump is at low RPM.
  • Wide operating range anti-swirl agitation nozzle with 320° horizontal rotation and 130° vertical articulation.
  • 4" adjustable nozzle
  • Double-hinged articulation on agitation nozzle for constant flow with less restriction;
  • 52′, 62′ and 72′ models built with reinforcement truss on the main frame. Optional on 32' and 42' models.
  • Impeller housing made of Abrasion Resistant steel.
  • Remote Grease Line Kit to lubricate the bearing housing without removing the pump.
  • 6" Super Pump - 26" (660 mm) or 28" (711 mm) housing with impellers from 25" (635 mm) to 28" (711 mm) diameters.
  • 8" Super Pump - 23" (584 mm) housing with 23" (584 mm) diameter impeller.

Typical Application

The Lagoon Super Pumps homogenize and transfer liquid dairy manure, containing a limited amount of bedding, or hog slurry using a tractor with a minimum of 80 HP – 540 RPM for the 6" Super Pump or a minimum of 180 HP - 1000 RPM for the 8" Super Pump.


  • Remote control to operate the pump and its multiple functions from inside the cab using one hydraulic outlet.
  • Drive line in oil bath.


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