EL44 Steerable Manure Spreader

Performance, durability and reliability!

Our directional spreader offers excellent maneuverability and control on all types of terrain. Its agility results in less ground impact when turning. Its field proven power-steering system and superior quality suspension provide more resistance to obstacles. The air brake system is designed to guarantee maximum braking power and meet ASABE standards. The walls of the reservoir are made of high quality steel, 1/4" (6 mm) thick. Baffles are installed inside the reservoir providing excellent manure stability. As all of our manure management line of equipment, our spreaders are coated with a layer of Epoxy primer and 2 layers of Urethane paint making them resistant to extreme conditions. Because we believe that a good product must looked after, we have integrated several easily accessible lubricating points as well as openings for cleaning on top of the reservoir.

Adapter on EL44 Series Manure Spreaders for VogelSang SwingUp (15m) Tool Bar

  • Benefit from an efficient, economical and environmental friendly dribble bar system. 
  • Tool bar from a well-known manufacturer which is in compliance with existing standards in most countries or regions outside North and South Americas. 
  • Combining the durable and high quality manufacturing from the EL44 series manure spreaders with a tool bar type that is popular with customers. 
  • Lightweight tool bar requiring low traction. 
  • Working width 15 meters.

Power Steering System

The field proven hydraulic power steering system is unique in that it matches the turning angle of the tractor. The operator can disengage the power steering to improve stability while traveling on the road. When disengaged, the wheels are maintained parallel to the reservoir by means of heavy-duty compression springs.

  • Ensures a safer operation
  • Reduces damage to vegetation and eliminates strain on spreader hubs, axles and chassis

Hydraulic Suspension

The 30 cm stroke suspension distributes weight evenly on all wheels for smoother travel over irregular terrain and reduces stress to the reservoir. Suspension cylinders are located close to the center of gravity of the reservoir. When the spreader is full, this unique design reduces excessive load variations on the draw bar and improves the tractor traction.

  • Rigid transaxles, in combination with suspension cylinders mounted close to the wheels, reduce the "rebound effect" commonly experienced on rough terrain.




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