GEA YieldJector


The GEA YieldJector is a heavy-duty application based injector with a fine injection pattern for high accuracy injection of low profile and sensitive products. It can inject boneless and bone-in pork, beef, poultry and fish products. Based on a belt principle, the GEA YieldJector has manual operation. The GEA YieldJector has a conveyor belt and is controlled via an operator friendly PLC with touch panel.

GEA YieldJector

Working principle 
A belt moves the products a fixed distance (112 mm) under the needle head. It then stops and the injection cycles starts. When the
needle head moves down, the stripper plate touches the top of the products, a brine supply valve opens and needles start to inject. If a needle touches bone, injection stops and the needle retracts into the head. A centrifugal pump feeds the needle head with brine from the brine tank. Return brine is filtered in the brine tank and then recycled.

• Belt moves products to fixed distance (112 mm) under needle head
• Needle moves down, stripper plates touches top of product
• Brine supply valves opens, needles starts to inject
• If needle touches bone, injection stops and needle retracts into needle head
• Centrifugal pump feeds the needle head with brine, return brine is filtered in tank and then recycled 

Brine distribution is accurately controlled in the GEA YieldJector using advanced needle heads with individual needles that are  automatically adjusted by air pressure. When a needle is obstructed by a bone, it retracts and stops injecting, avoiding brine pockets and bone damage. Injection is executed in two identical injection cycles with a belt movement of 112 mm between them. Positioned
in a close pattern, the 2 mm diameter needles ensure optimal brine distribution.

• Injection levels up to 80 %
• Capacity up to 15.000 kg/h
• High accuracy thanks to individual needle control
• Low cost of ownership thanks to ease of operation, maintenance and cleaning
• Strong and reliable 

Output quality
To get the right injection level, two patterns and two injection modes are provided. For low injection levels (positive down injection), all needles are opened before they make contact with meat and they inject during the down stroke only. For high injection levels (positive down and up injection), injection takes place during both the down and up strokes is with all needles open. 

• Close needle pattern for maximum accuracy


Easy cleaning and inspection

The YieldJector has a product sensor indicating if there is a product on the bed just prior the injection head. If no product is sensed, there is no injection and no return brine. 

• Less brine return due to product height sensor 

The GEA YieldJector is easy to clean and inspect thanks to the integrated needle flushing system. 

• Easy cleaning and inspection 
• Integrated needle flushing system 

All injection parameters of the GEA YieldJector 650 are controlled via the operator-friendly touch panel and PLC. 

• Operator-friendly touch panel 
• PCL controlled

Boost yield and product quality by combining injecting and massaging

Marinating bone-in and skin-on poultry products like wings, drumsticks, thighs, legs and whole or half birds adds flavor and boosts value. Traditionally this is carried out using tumbling only. Not only this is a time-consuming batch process, but it also leads to wet products at the outfeed and unsightly effects like skin slip. Combining injecting and massaging in the GEA Fresh enhanced line overcomes these drawbacks. GEA Food Solutions has a complete solution to increases efficiency, produce a more appetizing looking product and boost yield by up to 4%.


AccuJector with chicken wings on belt
AccuJector with chicken wings on belt

Bone-in and skin-on poultry parts present specific challenges for injection.  Conventional needles have a tendency to break or deform when they hit bone, whereas larger diameters needles leave visible marks in the skin and damage the  bone. To overcome these drawbacks, the poultry parts injection solution incorporates a  GEA YieldJector, which has an exceptionally high number of injection points and  works with sharp, small diameter GEA OptiFlex needles.


GEA ScanMidi - Tumbling after injection
GEA ScanMidi - Tumbling after injection

Due to core injection, the massaging step in the GEA ColdSteam T can be  reduced to 20 minutes. Spices will stick better to the product, the batch will be  drier and there will be less waste and drip. Shortening the massaging time also  reduces the chance of skin slippage. As brine is injected rather than massaged, the marinade and dry spices will stick  better to the product. The net result is increased yield, enhanced appearance and  an improvement in processing efficiency.



GEA CookStar_Outfeed with chicken legs
GEA CookStar_Outfeed with chicken legs

Yield is most influenced by weight loss during further processing. The better the  brine distribution and the lower the deviation between products, the higher the  potential yield and capacity during the frying, cooking and/or roasting processes. Add to this the optimal frying control and oil filtration of the GEA EasyFry and the  precisely controlled cooking process of the GEA CookStar and you benefit from  the best possible processing efficiency.

To complete your line

Inline freezer
Inline freezer

To complete your line, GEA also has solutions for freezing, horizontal and vertical packaging. The GEA Freezers are designed for demanding applications and are  configured to suit your business drivers. The GEA PowerPak range is an innovative thermoformer concept that meets the highest packaging standards for the most  complex applications and highest output demands. And the GEA SmartPacker can help you to produce bag styles from pillow to more advanced stand up pouches  like Quatro seal bags or Doystyle bags to stand out in the retail shelf.