GEA WetCoater


The GEA WetCoater delivers smoothly an even batter coverage, using an under-bath and a four-layer batter curtain. It is a cost efficient machine to provide a batter layer for adhesion of breading. Batter pick-up is manually adjustable to suit the application requirements. The machine has a proven, compact design with a small footprint and is available in 400, 600 and 1000mm widths.

GEA WetCoater

Working principle
A conveyor belt carries the product, which is submerged by a four-layer curtain to ensure full coverage of the top of the product. The bottom of the product is covered while passing a small dip construction. The conveyor belt speed can be adjusted manually. Excess
batter is blown off from both the upper and lower surfaces and is manually adjustable. The correct quantity of batter is set with an adjustable valve in the supply line.

• Provides adhesion for breading
• Ensure full coverage of the top and bottom of the product
• Adjustable quantity of batter
• Excess batter is blown off

The GEA WetCoater works effectively with a minimum quantity of batter in the machine, meaning little batter is required to start the machine up or while changing to a different batter. The layer thickness can be fine-tuned to suit the application and ensure even
batter coverage. The small return rollers ensure excellent product transfer. GEA WetCoater is a highly reliable machine due to the proven and simple design.

• Ensures even coverage and efficient batter usage
• Batter pick-up manually adjustable
• High reliability, due to proven, simple design
• User-friendly operation, cleaning and maintenance

Output quality
By changing the position of the batter curtain, the process can be fine-tuned to suit the application and provide adhesion for breading. Extremely suitable for products which need an even coating.

• Products which need an even coating
• Heavy duty for thick batters is an option

Flexibility                                                                                                                   Options include a cooling jacked to control batter temperature. To be able to run thicker batter, a heavy-duty pump and blower are available. The optional 500mm long infeed belt is available for manual loading and avoiding excess flour dripping from the previous machine in the line. The Quick-ling coupling minimizes the risk of belt damage.

• Cooling jacked to control batter temperature (option)
• Heavy-duty pump and blower (option)
• 500mm infeed belt (option)
• Quick-ling coupling (option)

The GEA WetCoater is supplied with food grade lubricants in the food area. All critical components like pump and blower can be opened for cleaning and inspection. Belt support frame can be flipped up for optimal accessibility.

• Good accessibility to the interior
• Supplied with food grade lubricants in food area

The machine is provided with push buttons and easy to operate.

• Push buttons
• Easy to operate