Effluent Treatment in Instant Coffee Production: Cost-Effective and Efficient with GEA Decanters

Traditional soluble coffee or specialties such as cappuccino – the industrial production of instant coffee produces considerable quantities of effluent with a significantly high solid content. GEA decanters have demonstrated their worth as a forward-looking solution for effluent treatment in the coffee industry, make a specific contribution to environmental protection and a reduction in disposal costs, and also enable valuable substances to be recovered.

High solid content in the effluent

Coffee Beans

Companies in the coffee industry are increasingly facing major challenges as a result of production-related effluent flows and effluent flows generated by treatment processes. The high level of solid content in the effluent requires the use of robust technologies which are able to reliably and efficiently treat the sludge and thus make a major contribution towards assuring continuous production. GEA decanters demonstrate their efficiency and effectiveness in the treatment of such effluents. 

Excellent results even in conjunction with high volume flows

遠心分離 - 脱水デカンタ waterMaster

As a result of their closed design and excellent dewatering capacity, GEA decanters assure a high level of dry matter in the separated solids, and are easily able to cope with high volume flows. The dry solids phase does not have to be disposed of expensively, and instead can be profitably used in combustion as an energy medium. If customers decide to use the first-class decanter technology of GEA, they will benefit from significant cost savings as a result of low maintenance costs and an energy-efficient method of operation.

  • Powerful decanters for treating effluents with a high solid content
  • Very dry solid phase – expensive disposal not necessary
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reduced energy requirement