Continuous manufacturing has now become an established new product development process in the pharmaceutical industry. However, finding a reliable partner with the right equipment and expertise can be challenging. Offering a number of worldwide test hubs and highly trained engineers, GEA has a wealth of experience when it comes to both product optimization and achieving operational excellence.

In this video, Andy Birkmire, Senior Process Specialist and OSD Sales Support Manager at GEA North America, introduces the GEA Process Technology Center (PTC) and its capabilities for continuous processing applications. What’s not well known, for instance, is that a lot of the benefits of #GoingConti can be gained during the R&D phase. We can help you to accelerate the development process using much less API. 

Similarly, we understand that LIW powder feeding is the heart of the conti process, which is why the GEA Compact Feeder has been designed to offer a number of advantages and overcome several commonly experienced problems.

With wet granulation still a widely used technique in tablet production, the development-scale GEA ConsiGma® GD 25/80 is exactly what you need to quickly and economically evaluate the design space. Plus, once the operational parameters are set, there’s no need to make any further changes for commercial-scale production. There’s no need to scale-up by volume, just by time. All you need to do is run the process for longer

For continuous direct compression, the blending capabilities of a formulation can be tested on a dosing and blending rig, whereas tableting characteristics can be evaluated using a MODUL P tablet press. Finally, coating can also be tested using the ConsiGma® coater.

And whether you want to explore different powder loading options, containment opportunities, online measurement solutions or the implementation of a fully integrated line, the US PTC has all the technologies you need to be able to make an informed decision.

The in-house team is available to assist with process optimization, tech transfer and, if required, organizing tests or trials on a fully integrated continuous system at the center of excellence in Wommelgem, Belgium. Furthermore, we can help with training, feasibility studies, design space development and commissioning, either in the lab in Columbia, Maryland, or at your site.

Find out more about our pharmaceutical test facilities.

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