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Boost the Performance of Your Refrigeration Equipment: Upgrades / Modernization / Optimization

Nothing lasts forever, right? As equipment ages, it generally becomes less efficient and reliable. However, technology evolves rapidly, and we discover new, innovative ways to 'make things work better'. Increased performance, reliability and longevity can be achieved by upgrading and modernizing your existing industrial heating and cooling equipment.

A GEA compressor replacement gives new life and increased  efficiency to this existing screw compressor package by another  manufacturer, as illustrated by this before-and-after example.  A GEA Omni control panel retrofit is also part of  this equipment upgrade.

At GEA, we ‘engineer for a better world’ and, importantly, that concept is applied to existing equipment as well as new.

It is nearly always possible to identify a way to optimize, modernize or simply upgrade your aging equipment or process to deliver significant benefits including energy savings, improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs, to name just a few.

Often, the savings in terms of energy or plant reliability can be recovered quickly, meaning the initial investment provides immediate and long-term added value within a short payback period, and in most cases, extends the serviceable life of your equipment.

Quorn Foods upgrades to drive down energy cost

When Quorn Foods (UK) needed to replace a screw compressor on one of its refrigeration packages, GEA helped them to do just that — on time and within budget. By reusing the existing skid and motor, Quorn Foods cost-effectively upgraded the equipment and increased its efficiency. In addition, a GEA Omni control panel was also installed, providing this leading producer of new, meat-free products with a modern, powerful tool to optimize sysem performance.

The cost-effective solution, re-using the existing skid and motor, reduced the overall cost of the project to the business. We have much more reliability for our production and, with GEA Omni, an unbelievable amount of control. The solution has given us a payback period of less than three years due to a 29% reduction in electricity usage and improved uptime.

Quorn Foods (UK)

I prodotti e i servizi di GEA per l'aggiornamento, la modernizzazione e l'ottimizzazione delle attrezzature comprendono:

GEA FES GLX series with GEA Omni Control Panel

GEA Industrial Compressors & Packages

GEA’s screw and reciprocating compressors and packaged compressor systems are characterized by intelligent design and premium components for maximum quality, efficiency and reliability.
GEA Omni control panels on industrial screw compressor packages in a processing facility

GEA Omni Retrofit Panel

GEA Service offers this standard retrofit solution for industrial screw and piston compressors, elevating operators’ capability to control their compressor effectively and efficiently. Compressor packages from many manufacturers including Mycom, Frick, Sabroe and Stal can easily be upgraded with the GEA Omni Retrofit Panel.
PR-OLEO Ammonia refrigeration oil


Our premium quality ammonia refrigeration oils are formulated specifically for use in industrial ammonia refrigeration and heating systems with either reciprocating or screw compressors.
GEA Compressor Conversion Kit

GEA Compressor Conversion Kit

GEA offers screw compressor conversion kits for other manufacturers’ compressor packages. Each GEA compressor conversion kit is supplied complete with a new GEA screw compressor and other standard components. Each conversion kit is designed specifically to suit the existing package unit to minimize on-site modifications. This enables fixed prices to be offered with short down times and a compressor manufacturer’s warranty is included.
GEA Purger

GEA Self-limiting Automatic Purger

Our award-winning purger, using the environmentally friendly natural refrigerant R290 (propane), removes non-condensable gases from your refrigeration system, minimizing downtime and maximizing system efficiency.
GEA Grasso Ammonia Dryer

GEA Ammonia Dryer

Our GEA Ammonia Dryer removes water from the refrigeration system while the system is operational, minimizing downtime and keeping the system dry, clean and operating efficiently.
GEA Intellisoc valve system


GEA’s Intellisoc is a space-saving valve system that maintains oil temperature and provides cost savings by eliminating the need for external heat exchangers, water supplies and associated piping.

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