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GEA, a market-leading supplier of pharmaceutical processing solutions, offers a comprehensive range of tableting technologies, from powder handling and granulating to drying, compression and coating. Whether batch-based or continuous, for contained production and/or direct compression applications, we have the know-how, equipment and expertise to optimize your oral solid dosage production.

The GEA Advantage

Innovation is at the heart of all our products; it’s what makes them different. The quest for continuous innovation is the force that drives us every day, and flexibility, performance, accuracy and control are the criteria that focus our thinking. Everything we do is aimed at improving these key factors to help you to make better products and improve productivity.

GEA supplies standalone machinery, engineering services and completely integrated process lines for even the most challenging products, including potent APIs, MUPS tablets, effervescents and/or multi-layer pellets. Plus, as containment experts, we offer the largest selection of solutions for contained processing based on a thorough containment risk analysis.

Our technology is world renowned for its reliability, flexibility and economy. We offer truly rapid changeover solutions, increased productivity, flexibility and safety. But it’s much more than that; it’s about how we work with you, the customer. We understand your needs; we use our expertise and know-how to develop solutions and optimize processes that bring your products to market quickly and provide the commercial advantage you need.

Granulation and Drying

Our equipment is a unique union of proven technology and individual solutions. Based on standard components, such as high shear mixer granulators and fluid bed dryers, we supply plants for cGMP production that are configured to meet each customer’s specific requirements.


From manual to fully automatic rotary presses for R&D, pilot-scale and full production, presses for normal, cleanroom, continuous, contained and highly contained environments, and presses for the production of single- and bi-layer tablets, GEA has it all. Our innovations include a unique technology that independently and simultaneously measures and controls both tablet weight and hardness, and a weight control system that provides increased sensitivity at lower forces. Our presses offer an extended dwell time — up to 300% — resulting in higher outputs and enhanced productivity.

Continuous Tableting

ConsiGma™ is a multipurpose platform that has been designed to transfer powder into coated tablets in development, pilot, clinical and production volumes in a single compact unit. The system can dose and mix raw materials, perform wet or dry granulation, drying, tableting and quality control, all in one line.


The ECM-based (Exchangeable Compression Module) MODUL™ rotary tablet press succeeds in combining productivity, flexibility and safety, setting a new standard for tablet manufacturing. A WOL-ECM (Wash-off-Line) version is available for the high-containment processing of potent and toxic formulations.


Still an important unit operation, coating is used to either add color, protect, mask the taste or create a modified release form in pharmaceutical production. GEA offers a range of standard, innovative, batch and continuous coater systems for particles, powders, granules, crystals, pellets and tablets.

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