With an open-house day and several speakers, GEA’s first automated milking system was installed in Greece. More than 120 customers attended the event and learned about GEA’s capabilities in automatic milking.

“Automated milking systems are currently gaining momentum in Greece and I am happy that GEA is actively supporting the market with innovative AMS technology”, says Dimitri Christou, GEA’s importer for more than 30 years. Our customer Filipidis is milking 160 dairy cows, thereof 60 cows with AMS in a new barn. “We are very happy with the service and performance of the new robot and are planning to install two more DairyRobot R9500 next year”, states Sofoklis Filipidis. 

The presentations of Dr. Valergakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Mr. Kotsampasis (Dairy KriKri) and Dimitri Christou were published nationwide by Agrenda/Agronews. 

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