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GEA adds proven AI solution to portfolio with CattleEye acquisition

13 Mar 2024

GEA acquires Northern Ireland-based agricultural software company CattleEye Ltd., adding a pioneering artificial intelligence system to its existing portfolio of solutions for dairy farms. The acquisition reinforces GEA’s strong commitment to improving animal health & welfare. The parties have agreed not to disclose the financial details of the transaction.


  • AI solution CattleEye has been developed for early detection of lameness in dairy cows
  • Acquisition reinforces GEA’s commitment to animal health and welfare as part of its Next Generation Farming strategy

CattleEye is an artificial intelligence system designed to quickly detect and predict lameness in cows and to provide critical data to assess the body condition score. It reflects whether animals are properly fed and in good physical condition. Next to mastitis, lameness is a major disease in dairy cows that can lead to infertility and ultimately affect milk yield. By using this AI-based software, farmers can take immediate action to improve the animal welfare and productivity.

The CattleEye system combines a 2D camera with specialized software that analyzes cow movement and body score patterns. Farmers gain unparalleled insight into their herd's health. The system can be integrated into both new and existing farms, regardless of the type of milking system. 

Peter Lauwers, CEO of the GEA Farm Technologies Division: “With the trend towards larger and more automated dairy farms, the need to monitor and track animals and production is becoming increasingly important. By adding CattleEye’s advanced AI technology, we are expanding our DairyNet portfolio for modern herd management. This can be a game changer for farmers to improve herd health, farm productivity and financial stability.” 


GEA adds proven AI solution to portfolio with CattleEye acquisition

Peter Lauwers, CEO GEA Farm Technologies division and Terry Canning from CattleEye (right). Source: GEA

Artificial intelligence supports animal health & welfare

CattleEye was founded in 2019 by repeat AgTech entrepreneur Terry Canning, the son of a dairy farmer, and Adam Askew, a senior software architect with over 10 years of experience using deep learning image analytics to detect cancerous tumors. Launched in April 2021, the system is currently being used to monitor over 100,000 cows worldwide.

“CattleEye was born out of a vision to harness the capabilities of advanced artificial intelligence in video analytics to revolutionize the dairy industry. After starting our partnership last year, we are thrilled that GEA will be using and developing this innovative solution with our team to improve animal welfare and drive positive change in the industry,” says CEO & Co-Founder Terry Canning.

Cattle Eye

AI based solution CattleEye has been developed for early detection of lameness in dairy cows. Source: GEA


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