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Trattamento oli lubrificanti

In addition to fuel oil, lube oil also needs to have water and other impurities removed on a continuous basis. This is the only reliable way to prevent symptoms of wear appearing on engine components and thus a drop in performance or even failures. At the same time, separation increases the service life of the lube oil. GEA provides the shipping world with a broad range of separators which are ideally prepared for these tasks

Considerable symptoms of wear by contaminated oil

In daily operation, the lube oils of diesel engines are continuously contaminated. All rotating or sliding parts deposit metal impurities. Added to this are residues of the combustion process, condensed water decomposition products which settle in the lube oil sump. The oils themselves can also contain acids which, in combination with catalyzing foreign substances, can result in premature ageing of the oil. At the same time, on diesel engines, residues of the combustion process and incombustible constituents from the cylinder can also reach the lube oil circuit. These residues can lead to considerable symptoms of wear at bearing points, pistons and cylinders.

Solution: Self-cleaning separators in unsupervised operations

It is therefore all the more important to separate all unwanted substances so that the service life of the oil is prolonged and engine components are not subjected to wear. Self-cleaning separators from GEA clean and dewater the lube oil highly efficiently by the bypass method – even and especially when unsupervised 24-hour operation is involved. The full range of marine separators is available for this purpose.

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