Produzione di acqua dolce

Fresh Water on the High Seas

Storing large quantities of fresh water on board ship is costly and takes up valuable space. GEA offers an alternative solution, in the form of a process and technology for sea water desalination, which can be used to generate up to 30 tons of fresh water a day.

The principle of sea water desalination by evaporation

Desalination is based on the principle of evaporation: sea water that has been filtered through a coarse mesh is evaporated in a heat exchanger plate stack that is made of titanium to precipitate out salt and impurities. A further plate stack then condenses the steam into drinking water. A salt measuring cell checks for residual salt content, which should be below four parts per million (ppm). If a value below four ppm can be reliably maintained, then the desalinated water can be passed to a storage tank before further treatment by UV sterilization.

An output of 5-30 tons a day

A re-hardening filter finally returns enough hardness to the fully demineralized water to make it suitable for human use. Whether for the shower room, for the galley or for scrubbing – our systems enable output of between five tons and 30 tons a day, which should easily cover the everyday requirements of container ships, LNG tankers, bulk carriers or freighters.

Prodotti e tecnologie

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