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Shareholder structure 2022

Regional breakdown of institutional shareholders 2021

GEA has cancelled its treasury shares resulting from the EUR 300 million share buyback program conducted between August 2021 and December 2022,  on November 21, 2023. Therefore, the new number of shares with voting rights is 172,331,076 (was 180,492,172).

In 2022, as in previous years, GEA performed an analysis of its shareholder structure. The analysis identified 99.5 percent of all 180.5 million shares. At the time of the analysis, institutional investors held 78.3 percent of all shares, while 14.8 percent was held by major shareholders and 2.6 percent by retail investors while 3.9 percent was held as treasury shares.

Following the placement of the majority of GBLs stake in GEA on 20 November, 2023, GEA has one investor – Kuwait Investment Office (KIA)  – hat is deemed to be a major shareholder according to the definition applied by the German stock exchange (Deutsche Börse AG) and therefore does not count as free float. According to the latest information available to the company, KIA holds approximately 15.2 million shares (a stake of around 8.8%). Therefore, GEA’s free float is approximately 91.2 percent.

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