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Responsible disclosure of security issues

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At GEA, we do everything to closely reduce and eliminate security vulnerabilities in our digital products and services. We encourage everyone, especially security researchers and ethical hackers, who discover security vulnerabilities in our products and services to contact us. Together, we can prevent damage and illegal exploitation.

How to report a security vulnerability to GEA 

Any person, institution or organization that discovers a security vulnerability in our digital product and service portfolio can contact GEA’s product security experts confidentially and unbureaucratically. We will then work with you to fix the vulnerability you discovered to improve security for future users of the affected product or service.

If you have discovered a security vulnerability, we ask you not to publish it. But rather, to contact us immediately and exclusively, so that we can work together in a targeted and coordinated manner to disclose the security issue in a responsible way.

We guarantee that your message will be responded to, and we will get in touch within five working days in the event of a relevant security vulnerability. Upon request, you will be mentioned with thanks for your commitment to the security of our company and our customers after the vulnerability has been successfully remedied.

Report a security vulnerability to GEA

As a participant in CERT@VDE, GEA is committed to responding responsibly to any vulnerabilities found in our products that could impact information security. CERT@VDE supports GEA in tackling security vulnerabilities detected or reported by third parties, including customers, employees, other companies in the target audience, as well as peers from other CERTs, and further trustworthy people from the scientific and research community.
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