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“I gain insight into a diverse range of customers and see my skills really contributing to better decisions.”

Shikha Mathew
Data Engineer

Shikha Mathew

As a data engineer, it’s great to work for a multi-industry company like GEA, because there are so many different opportunities to apply my skills in data science and play a key role in understanding and optimizing businesses in a diverse range of industries.

It’s a fascinating process because I get to interact with the business experts in the divisions and with a range of other technical specialists such as solutions architects and other data analysts/scientists. In the end, we collaborate to combine technical and business know-how to help GEA develop secure, standardized, and scalable pipelines to serve digital products with data. Along the way, I gain insight into a diverse range of customers and see my skills really contributing to better decisions.

I’m part of a diverse, international team here in the Data Science chapter and the culture in general at GEA is about making it work, so there is a lot of openness to our solutions. The business experts are open and interested, and there is buy-in from upper management for productionizing our solutions. I also have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art technologies and apply methods like OKR, which really helps define business KPIs and our strategies moving forward.

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