AutoSelect 3000 selection system for pasture-based milking systems
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AutoSelect 3000 selection system for pasture-based milking systems

For practical, reliable and easy drafting, we offer the AutoSelect 3000, which is specially designed for pastoral systems and available with four drafting system options.

This system is capable of automatically separating cows according to user-defined conditions.

The AutoSelect 3000 drafting gate is reliable, fully automated and controlled by either a manual-draft remote, a cloud-based Velos interface or with DairyPlan fully integrated herd management software. 

Key features of the AutoSelect 3000

  • Minimised cow flow interruption - ID antenna identifies animals with a drafting alert as they enter and only closes the entry gate behind those animals - allowing all others to exit straight-through with little interruption. 
  • Guaranteed accuracy – Infrared Switch are incorporated into this system to watch animal movements, ensuring very high accuracy drafting
  • Galvanished frame - strong and robust laser-cut galvanised frame, which bolts in-place
  • Double opening exit gates - for safe and optimal cowflow, plus blocking gate to improve sorting accuracy
  • Heavy-duty pneumatic rams - built to withstand the elements of pastoral milking environments
  • Quick and easy installation - roof option included 
  • Ideal for retrofitting - only 5.3 m in length, making it the ideal drafting gate for retrofitting into any existing shed design. 

Your 4 drafting options


1. Manual Draft

Manual draft is the entry level option, giving you a manual drafting system, suitable for small to large herd sizes. With a hand-held remote controller, you can simply and easily draft your herd left, right or directly ahead for required attention.

  • Draft animals with the AutoSelect 3000 3-way drafting gate 
  • 30 m plus operating range with the hand-held remote controller, which can be worn as a pendant around operators neck for quick operation
  • Controls left, right and entry gates
  • Wired terminal to control blocking and segregation gates
  • Full upgrade path available to suit your future requirements
  • Auxiliary control option for extra functionality.

2. EID Draft

This EID with VPU App drafting option gives you the ability to draft your herd using their EID ear tags. It is suitable for small to large herd sizes. With your VPU connected to the internet, you can enter and draft cows remotely via PC or smartphone - anywhere, anytime.

  • Easy drafting from EID ear tags
  • Utilises simple-to-use VPU software
  • Ability to enter basic reproductive events for better
  • management decisions: calvings, matings, pregnancy scans and drying-off
  • Draft remotely with a smartphone or PC - from anywhere you have an internet connection.

3. CowScout™ Draft

This fully automated drafting system offers herd management functionality, giving you a future-proof drafting option with the added benefit of heat detection and health monitoring features. CowScout connects and controls the AutoSelect 3000 drafting gate directly from the VPU software - providing an all-in-one approach to monitoring and drafting cows.

  • Ability to automatically draft cows with heat or health alerts
  • Easily enter reproductive events - calving, mating, pregnancy scans and drying-off
  • Effortlessly select individual cows for other drafting requirements
  • Utilises the simple-to-use VPU software without the need for sophisticated herd management capabilities
  • With VPU connected to the internet, drafting remotely from your smartphone or PC is simple
  • All CowScout data is collected and stored over 24 hours, giving you real-time information and alerts when a cow is within range of an antenna - perfect for once-a-day or twice-a-day milkings.

4. DairyPlan Draft

This top-level herd management drafting option gives you a comprehensive and fully integrated herd management tool in-one. The ideal choice, if you want to incorporate inshed cow identification, milk metering and drafting with the AutoSelect 3000.

  • Drafting with either EID ear tags or CowScout collars 
  • Fully-functioning herd management software packaged for easy process control functions - milk metering, drafting gates, feeding and weigh scales
  • Record animal data and basic reproductive events such as; calving, mating, pregnancy scans and drying-off
  • Draft individual cows or groups of cows with ease 
  • Record health and animal treatments
  • Create and export reports for use with external advisors
  • Data connection allows you to use either DairyPlan C21, in-parlour touchscreen to control your drafting gate.

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